Our project A new animal shelter


The purpose of the association is to rescue and adopt dogs, cats and other pets. We are also planning the construction of pens for the guarding of domestic animals to allow the owners to leave quietly on vacation, weekend, day, but also for the owners likely to be hospitalized.

The association operates with a dues system of all members as well as volunteers.

To raise funds, we also organize theme nights, flea markets, crowdfunding fundraisers. We solicit donations from private individuals, from the State, from the communes, from the department, from the region, who might be able to help the association.

At certain times of the year we are present in supermarkets to collect food, bowls, toys, … to contribute to the well-being of all our residents.

We need equipment to contribute to the well-being of our residents. To do this we will set up a flyer distribution campaign in the mailboxes of local residents to collect blankets, old sheets, towels sponges so that strays or abandoned animals can have a better comfort in the boxes.

Regarding the adoption of our small boarders, once the adopted animal, we will follow at home the people who have adopted one of the dogs and cats of the refuge, this to ensure that the animal lives in good conditions and is well integrated within his family and his environment.

In terms of team recruitment, the purpose of our association is to help the reintegration of people in great difficulty to strengthen the team of volunteers. We want to hire them as an employee to optimize the proper functioning of the shelter.

We are raising funds to finance the project to build an animal shelter in the south of the Manche. Today, the Normandy region does not have sufficient structures to accommodate stray or abandoned animals, which is why it is essential that this animal shelter project can be completed in order to meet a need for the welfare of these animals.

This shelter will have the following infrastructures

  • more than 25 seats for our animal friends,

  • enclosed green spaces for animals to be entertained,

  • an on-site veterinary clinic to take care of our 4-legged occupants

  • a guarding area of ​​25 places for animals left in board by their owners, the time of their holidays, a weekend, a day

LThe association works in cooperation with the town hall of Villedieu les Poêles and geometer Patrick BREHAULT to find land in the south of the Manche.

Our goal is to collect as much donations as possible to fund animal care and the construction of the south of the Manche animal shelter.

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