Do not buy animals, adopt one! Mona-Lise Association

Many animals die every year of precariousness, hunger and cold and are the first victims of bad weather and natural disasters: this can be avoided if you think about the adoption of these animals.

How to adopt?

For adoption, start by contacting us by mail or by phone at 06 46 82 63 64. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will present all the animals in our shelters. Thereafter we take care of the repatriation of the lucky one elected according to the formalities established by Europe. All our animals are well treated, fed and they benefit from a medical follow-up (all our animals are vaccinated and microchipped).

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Why adopt an animal?

  • Because we are not objects for sale.

  • Because all the necessary medical care has been given: identification, vaccinations, sterilization and tests of certain diseases.

  • To save a life of misery, even euthanasia.

  • Simply to do a good action!

To know before adopting

  • Every animal has its character

  • An animal is expensive every day

  • An animal can live a long time (cat: 20 years)

  • Animals feel your emotions

  • The animals are educated

  • It is necessary to prepare the coming of the animal

Soon a tax deduction for adopting a pet?

According to Capital: “UDI deputy Béatrice Descamps drafted a bill, co-signed by 57 deputies of all kinds, to further punish the abandonment of domestic animals. And especially to develop adoption through a tax deduction. The text could be debated in December. ”

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